You're in Ecuador!

Ecuador is the most bio-diverse country in the world. It is an ideal place for a retreat that incorporates elements of spirituality and adventure.  Here you will find diversity in Nature that teaches you about your own being if you pause long enough to breathe it into your soul. 

Manabí has one of the most perfect climates anywhere in the world with the average range of temperatures in the high 60s to daytime highs in the mid 80s.  Oasis enjoys mild ocean breezes for relaxing on your balcony, by the fire pit in the evenings or in your hammock.

Our coast is known for stunning sunsets unlike anything you have ever seen. The bright glow of the sun kisses the water until it dissolves into the waves leaving a blue dim glow in the night sky as the stars emerge.  Watching these sunsets is a favorite pastime at the local beaches.

And you’re staying where?

You’ll be staying at Oasis In Ecuador, an authentic Ecuadorian hostería and retreat center overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  

This is not the ordinary resort or a hotel that you find anywhere you travel.  Here you experience genuine Ecuadorian hospitality, what we call convivencia which means to live in community.

You’ll be staying in your own “casita’ complete with modern bathrooms, kitchen and a balcony with a stunning view of the ocean.  Wake up early, make yourself a cup of coffee or tea and sit quietly on your balcony breathing in the morning as the many exotic birds that call our gardens home serenade you.

Meals are cooked in community most nights with a surprise chef making an appearance to teach you to cook Ecuadorian style.  We also plan to gather at the best Italian restaurant on the coast with your hosts Vittorio and his wife sharing their homemade pasta and their amazing desserts.

Oasis sits high on a hill with stunning views of the mountains and the ocean. Fruit tree lined paths offer privacy and separate our three casitas.  Each casita enjoys views of the ocean and mountains with outside decks and sitting areas and hammocks. Oasis offers both intimacy and privacy, community and solitude, depending on your desire.

Our community area consists of an outdoor kitchen, grill and bar area by the pool where we will share our meals. The pool is available for relaxing or to schedule a special Andean Watsu session for an experience that releases tension and induces a deep healing trance-like state of relaxation.  Yoga and meditation is practiced in an open space where you share your practice with the natural surroundings and views.

Artist Rendering of Oasis In Ecuador Casita

Artist Rendering of Oasis In Ecuador Casita

Take a deep breath. You’re home.

During your free time you can choose a traditional Andean energy healing session, a personal coaching session or a session that helps you dive deeper into your yoga practice or wellness using essential oils.

Walk to the beach in the early morning to experience yoga at sunrise, the ocean’s tide pulsing to your own heartbeat. Go ahead; take a dip before you return to a home cooked breakfast set poolside. No need to get dressed up or changed.

We are family here, there’s no one to impress.

Isla de la Plata - Blue Footed Booby

Isla de la Plata - Blue Footed Booby

Reconnect to the explorer in you as you hike the Galapagos like island called Isla de la Plata stopping to swim with the manta rays and turtles. The stunning wildlife is the same as if you were in the Galapagos but only a short boat ride away.

You're in Ecuador! Treasures abound! Just the right place to learn about Conscious Living with self-care practices that IGNITE YOUR PASSION FOR LIFE!

Here in Ecuador you will find peace.

You will feel nurtured and taken care of. You will have the support to do the deep work you know you need to do in order to bring that peace into your heart.

You will leave feeling refreshed and centered with transformative Conscious Living practices and resources for Conscious Living.

Your spirit, body and mind will all be nourished from the surroundings and the experience.

Your journey is thoughtfully designed to allow for reflective time to journal, to rest quietly in shaded hammocks or to continue your yoga practice by the ocean.

This is so much more than a vacation…

You are immersed in the land of beauty, spirituality and mystery that is Ecuador. Your personal adventure starts with travel to this new and unknown land removing the limitations and constraints of your daily life to produce new insights and broader perspectives.  

The entire program is designed as an emergent process that facilitates creativity and new perspectives through self-inquiry, individual consultations and group dialogue, yoga, storytelling and poetry. You gain more clarity as you discover the hidden power within, held in the core of your true nature.

Unlock the secrets to Conscious Living, the simple, daily practices that create greater joy, health and peace in your life no matter what’s going on. These practices will transform your life as you easily apply them when you return home.

You can’t do this kind of work while you’re navigating your busy life.

You have to take a journey to a place of no limitations, where you can challenge your assumptions and beliefs about who you are and what you are capable of.  You will discover that you are so much more than you ever believed!

This is your opportunity to reconnect with your authentic nature so you can confidently take your life to the next level.

You will discover a new freedom to be fully yourself, without apology and grounded in appreciation for your life and in Self Love, the fundamental concept in the Andean Wisdom Tradition.

You will leave with a new mantra..."I am worthy of love, freedom, happiness and peace."


This is right for you...

If you are in need of a rejuvenation of the mind, the body & the soul

If you are ready for lasting change where you engage life confidently and authentically

If you long to return home completely nourished & renewed

If you don’t remember the last time you were completely seen, heard and appreciated for the courageous and wonderful woman you are

This is NOT for you if...

You are too uncomfortable sharing a room

You are picky or rigid about food choices

You can't be curious about a new culture and customs

You don’t enjoy groups or are not a good travel companion

You want a traditional workshop instead of an experiential adventure

You have expectations that you are not sharing with us

You want a rigid daily schedule and are not open to synchronicity

You do not enjoy exploring and learning about new ways of being

You need a tour guide or someone to look after you

You have a negative mindset