As women we are a creative force, generating life whether through children, businesses or in our communities. To understand our wholeness, we must embrace our life giving force and also understand the shadow side which can cause suffering and pain. We can release the energy that has been held captive in order to generate more vitality, inspiration and action in the world.

It is time for women to recognize their wholeness so that they can indeed be a creative force in the world.

First you must begin with yourself. 

Come to Ecuador, be nurtured, open your heart and mind to new possibilities for your life and work.  

This retreat is designed for women who are on a path whether it is to grow personally, to empower other women in business or to be change agents in their communities or the world. 

The Chakana

The Chakana

Tap into your essential nature so that you can create from a place of inspiration and your true nature.  Using the Four Elements as a guide we have designed our week to take advantage of the deep spirituality of Ecuador. 


During your time with us you will have quiet time to rest. Through meditation, breath work and yoga, you will be guided into connecting with your essential nature. Ayurvedic practices and the gifts of doTerra Essential Oils will ground your process of renewal. Organic food and local specialties will delight your palate and provide nourishment.


Through group and intimate conversations you will engage a deeper inquiry into the source of your joy, inspiration and creativity.  You will learn how to listen and trust your inner wise voice to live more consciously and authentically.


Surrounded by the ocean with its healing qualities you will experience a sense of oneness with the natural world as you explore the ocean, the beaches and experience the deep relaxation of a Watsu treatment,


Courage comes from the heart. Get to know the courageous woman you are.  Sit at the fire with us as in ancient times telling stories from the heart, sharing laughter and friendship that deepens with each day that passes.

Let Ecuador into your heart.

Become an explorer as you hike Isla de La Plata or tour the forests and ancient ruins of Machallila Park. Snorkel Los Frailes Beach or visit Montañita, our nearby hippy town full of surfers, restaurants and shopping. Visit the Salango Cultural Museum or hike through Pacoche to the howls of the monkeys. Of course, there will be excursions, shopping and laughter.  You will leave with new perspectives and new friends.  

Everything is designed to support you on your personal journey.

There's Even more!

You’ll find lovely little gifts in your room to remind you of your time at our retreat. And it doesn’t end when you leave. You will be invited to join our private Conscious Living Facebook Group. Here, you can continue the conversation on Conscious Living, sharing your new insights, victories and discoveries as you re-enter your life at home.  Here you find a community that will support and encourage you, having shared the experience in Ecuador.


As a special gift to help you continue the wellness practices of Conscious Living, you will also receive two half-hour one-on-one Skype sessions after you return home — one with Alicia and one with Sue.