ManabÍ is world-renown for its seafood, fresh ceviche and original flavors. The unique tastes of the region are a reflection of the ancestral indigenous traditions combined with Spanish cooking. The secrets of this cuisine are handed down through the generations tightly woven with the cultural history of this region.

Our local fishermen deliver fresh fish and the land produces all kinds of tropical fruits that are used on our cooking and local “batidos” or smoothies. You will enjoy baskets of fresh fruit or you may decide to wave down the truck that visits Oasis daily loaded with fresh pineapple, chirimoya and buttery avocados.

Oasis is based on the Ecuadorian concept of convivencia where you experience your meals as a community, cooking together and sharing our meals around a common table family style. If you have a special request, all you need to do is let us know and we are able to fulfill your request.

Our cooks only know organic food, fresh, natural and nutritious. Your casita will be stocked with goodies for you to snack on, fruit for smoothies and freshly baked breads and coffees and teas for early morning risers.

For a little variety, you’ll experience an authentic Ecuadorian breakfast as you watch the fishermen come in with their morning catch.  Sitting under the tents you’ll watch as the women expertly prepare and cook sea bass, snapper and dorado in the traditional ways of the coast.

You’ll also enjoy a lovely dinner as guests of Vittorio and his wife at Bella Italia restaurant in Puerto Lopez. Known for his friendly manner and homemade pasta, you will indulge on the flavors of Italy while sipping wine and oohing and ahhing over his homemade desserts.

Your afternoon exploring the springs at Agua Blanca also includes a freshly made hot lunch before you return to take your siesta.

Since your casita enjoys a fully equipped kitchen you may decide to treat yourself to smoothies or wine on your balcony at your leisure.

The highlight of your stay will be the feeling of camaraderie and the sound of laughter as we gather for our meals cooking and sharing nourishment for the body and soul.  During the evenings the fire pit invites anyone who wishes to sit quietly or in conversation under the starry skies sipping a traditional Ecuadorian drink.

An Evening at Bella Italia in Puerto Lopez

An Evening at Bella Italia in Puerto Lopez