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Ignite Your Passion for Living



March 11-18, 2017



Ignite Your Passion for Living



March 11-18, 2017



If you would like information on future programs please contact me here.

If you’re ready to ignite your passion, renew your energy, and transform yourself from a passive observer to an active participant in your life, then join us for a journey to a most magical place, ECUADOR.


Beautiful views and peaceful scenes await you at every turn!

Beautiful views and peaceful scenes await you at every turn!

When was the last time you enjoyed some “Me Time”, a pause to nurture yourself, to unapologetically indulge in self-care and to recover the power of inspiration in your life?

Do you long for quiet time to catch your breath, to do a life review that takes your life to the next level of fulfillment?

Imagine meeting women from all over the world, creative and inspiring women making a difference in their communities coming together to share this once in a lifetime adventure.

Are you ready to be more YOU, the most authentic and creative expression of your potential for yourself and for others...?

Do you want to recalibrate your life to one of intention, purpose, wellness and inspiration...?

Are you ready to take control of your life and confidently take your life to the next level of enjoyment and fulfillment ?

Then now is your time to join us in Ecuador March 11-18, 2017



…a magical 7 days of nurturing, reflection, exploration and healing, with daily sunrise and sunset yoga, fresh organic meals, and healing therapies.

Walk long stretches of white sands beach with hardly anyone around to intrude on your reflections.

Feel the waves of the Pacific wash over you as you explore an underwater paradise full of colorful fish, stunning coral reefs and Darwin’s large tortoises.

Laugh at the pelicans as they steal freshly caught fish from the baskets of our local fishermen at the lively morning fish market, an authentic Ecuadorian experience!

Sit under a brilliant starry sky at our evening fireside chats surrounded by a small community of amazing women.

Lose yourself in a good book lazily passing the afternoon in a hammock under the fruit trees.

It doesn’t end in Ecuador.

Return with lifelong friends, a new outlook on your life and greater clarity on the next chapter of your life. 


Over 7 days you'll learn how to incorporate conscious living practices that enhance your health and wellbeing while you learn how Ayurveda and Essential Oils can support wellness for you and your family.

Not sure how you can stay relaxed and healthy while managing a busy life with family, friends and work?

We'll teach you how to manage your life before life manages you.

Are you short on time but you really need to take a step back from your life and recalibrate?

We've designed the perfect week that blends quiet time, learning and adventure.

Are you frustrated with work or a personal issue?

Work closely with an experienced executive coach and personal development expert to find solutions to your most pressing challenges.

Are you ready to go deep into your heart and soul?

Take advantage of the spirituality of Ecuador, with traditional Andean wisdom practices that go deep into your soul.

Have you ever wondered if yoga is for you?

Work with a masterful yogi and fitness professional on a yoga practice that you can take home and incorporate into your busy life.

Have you always wanted to explore Ecuador, a country that is now home to over 20,000 Americans (and for good reasons)?

Experience authentic Ecuadorian hospitality and the quality of life that comes from being surrounded by the beauty of Nature and a sensual culture.

Are you looking for a community of amazing women who value spirituality, wellness and feminine leadership?

Our application assures synergy within our group so you leave with new friends and perspectives on life, love and leadership.



Because it's time you gave something back to yourself after giving everything you have to others

Because you deserve a pause to renew yourself, to take stock of where you are in life and where you want to go

Because you'll have the opportunity to work with three master teachers who will show you practical ways to stay connected to yourself so you enjoy happiness and health even in the midst of your busy life.

And what could be more compelling than spending a whole seven days relaxing, without any cares at all, in the company of great women who enjoy a good laugh as much as a quiet walk?

You get all of this while you experience Ecuador's wondrous beachesworld-renown cuisine and explore Andean wisdom traditions that apply to our contemporary lives.

Want more?

In a world of disconnection, busyness and texting, what if you formed real and honest connections with other amazing, courageous women on a similar journey that you could depend on for support, advice or even a kick in the butt when you needed it?  Too many women feel alone and could benefit from a circle of women to share stories, joys, challenges and adventures!  

Listen to Shelley share her experience at one of our retreats. >>>>>>>>>>>>


Because this is NOT a vacation where you spend days on a beach sipping margaritas only to return home, to your family, work and business, exactly the same way you left.

After this retreat you return…

Transformed - Joyful - Inspired - Confident - Renewed - Energized - Determined - Peaceful



Comfort and An Authentic Ecuadorian Experience

Sign me up!


Comfort and An Authentic Ecuadorian Experience

Sign me up!

You're in Ecuador!

Ecuador is the most bio-diverse country in the world. It is an ideal place for a retreat that incorporates elements of spirituality and adventure.  Here you will find diversity in Nature that teaches you about your own being if you pause long enough to breathe it into your soul. 

Manabí has one of the most perfect climates anywhere in the world with the average range of temperatures in the high 60s to daytime highs in the mid 80s.  Oasis enjoys mild ocean breezes for relaxing on your balcony, by the fire pit in the evenings or in your hammock.

Our coast is known for stunning sunsets unlike anything you have ever seen. The bright glow of the sun kisses the water until it dissolves into the waves leaving a blue dim glow in the night sky as the stars emerge.  Watching these sunsets is a favorite pastime at the local beaches.

And you’re staying where?

You’ll be staying at Oasis In Ecuador, an authentic Ecuadorian hostería and retreat center overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  

This is not the ordinary resort or a hotel that you find anywhere you travel.  Here you experience genuine Ecuadorian hospitality, what we call convivencia which means to live in community.

You’ll be staying in your own “casita’ complete with modern bathrooms, kitchen and a balcony with a stunning view of the ocean.  Wake up early, make yourself a cup of coffee or tea and sit quietly on your balcony breathing in the morning as the many exotic birds that call our gardens home serenade you.

Meals are cooked in community most nights with a surprise chef making an appearance to teach you to cook Ecuadorian style.  We also plan to gather at the best Italian restaurant on the coast with your hosts Vittorio and his wife sharing their homemade pasta and their amazing desserts.

Oasis sits high on a hill with stunning views of the mountains and the ocean. Fruit tree lined paths offer privacy and separate our three casitas.  Each casita enjoys views of the ocean and mountains with outside decks and sitting areas and hammocks. Oasis offers both intimacy and privacy, community and solitude, depending on your desire.

Our community area consists of an outdoor kitchen, grill and bar area by the pool where we will share our meals. The pool is available for relaxing or to schedule a special Andean Watsu session for an experience that releases tension and induces a deep healing trance-like state of relaxation.  Yoga and meditation is practiced in an open space where you share your practice with the natural surroundings and views.

Artist Rendering of Oasis In Ecuador Casita

Artist Rendering of Oasis In Ecuador Casita

Take a deep breath. You’re home.

During your free time you can choose a traditional Andean energy healing session, a personal coaching session or a session that helps you dive deeper into your yoga practice or wellness using essential oils.

Walk to the beach in the early morning to experience yoga at sunrise, the ocean’s tide pulsing to your own heartbeat. Go ahead; take a dip before you return to a home cooked breakfast set poolside. No need to get dressed up or changed.

We are family here, there’s no one to impress.

Isla de la Plata - Blue Footed Booby

Isla de la Plata - Blue Footed Booby

Reconnect to the explorer in you as you hike the Galapagos like island called Isla de la Plata stopping to swim with the manta rays and turtles. The stunning wildlife is the same as if you were in the Galapagos but only a short boat ride away.

You're in Ecuador! Treasures abound! Just the right place to learn about Conscious Living with self-care practices that IGNITE YOUR PASSION FOR LIFE!

Here in Ecuador you will find peace.

You will feel nurtured and taken care of. You will have the support to do the deep work you know you need to do in order to bring that peace into your heart.

You will leave feeling refreshed and centered with transformative Conscious Living practices and resources for Conscious Living.

Your spirit, body and mind will all be nourished from the surroundings and the experience.

Your journey is thoughtfully designed to allow for reflective time to journal, to rest quietly in shaded hammocks or to continue your yoga practice by the ocean.

This is so much more than a vacation…

You are immersed in the land of beauty, spirituality and mystery that is Ecuador. Your personal adventure starts with travel to this new and unknown land removing the limitations and constraints of your daily life to produce new insights and broader perspectives.  

The entire program is designed as an emergent process that facilitates creativity and new perspectives through self-inquiry, individual consultations and group dialogue, yoga, storytelling and poetry. You gain more clarity as you discover the hidden power within, held in the core of your true nature.

Unlock the secrets to Conscious Living, the simple, daily practices that create greater joy, health and peace in your life no matter what’s going on. These practices will transform your life as you easily apply them when you return home.

You can’t do this kind of work while you’re navigating your busy life.

You have to take a journey to a place of no limitations, where you can challenge your assumptions and beliefs about who you are and what you are capable of.  You will discover that you are so much more than you ever believed!

This is your opportunity to reconnect with your authentic nature so you can confidently take your life to the next level.

You will discover a new freedom to be fully yourself, without apology and grounded in appreciation for your life and in Self Love, the fundamental concept in the Andean Wisdom Tradition.

You will leave with a new mantra..."I am worthy of love, freedom, happiness and peace."


This is right for you...

If you are in need of a rejuvenation of the mind, the body & the soul

If you are ready for lasting change where you engage life confidently and authentically

If you long to return home completely nourished & renewed

If you don’t remember the last time you were completely seen, heard and appreciated for the courageous and wonderful woman you are

This is NOT for you if...

You are too uncomfortable sharing a room

You are picky or rigid about food choices

You can't be curious about a new culture and customs

You don’t enjoy groups or are not a good travel companion

You want a traditional workshop instead of an experiential adventure

You have expectations that you are not sharing with us

You want a rigid daily schedule and are not open to synchronicity

You do not enjoy exploring and learning about new ways of being

You need a tour guide or someone to look after you

You have a negative mindset




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Famous Manabí Cuisine

Organic. Flavorful. Nourishing.


Famous Manabí Cuisine

Organic. Flavorful. Nourishing.

ManabÍ is world-renown for its seafood, fresh ceviche and original flavors. The unique tastes of the region are a reflection of the ancestral indigenous traditions combined with Spanish cooking. The secrets of this cuisine are handed down through the generations tightly woven with the cultural history of this region.

Our local fishermen deliver fresh fish and the land produces all kinds of tropical fruits that are used on our cooking and local “batidos” or smoothies. You will enjoy baskets of fresh fruit or you may decide to wave down the truck that visits Oasis daily loaded with fresh pineapple, chirimoya and buttery avocados.

Oasis is based on the Ecuadorian concept of convivencia where you experience your meals as a community, cooking together and sharing our meals around a common table family style. If you have a special request, all you need to do is let us know and we are able to fulfill your request.

Our cooks only know organic food, fresh, natural and nutritious. Your casita will be stocked with goodies for you to snack on, fruit for smoothies and freshly baked breads and coffees and teas for early morning risers.

For a little variety, you’ll experience an authentic Ecuadorian breakfast as you watch the fishermen come in with their morning catch.  Sitting under the tents you’ll watch as the women expertly prepare and cook sea bass, snapper and dorado in the traditional ways of the coast.

You’ll also enjoy a lovely dinner as guests of Vittorio and his wife at Bella Italia restaurant in Puerto Lopez. Known for his friendly manner and homemade pasta, you will indulge on the flavors of Italy while sipping wine and oohing and ahhing over his homemade desserts.

Your afternoon exploring the springs at Agua Blanca also includes a freshly made hot lunch before you return to take your siesta.

Since your casita enjoys a fully equipped kitchen you may decide to treat yourself to smoothies or wine on your balcony at your leisure.

The highlight of your stay will be the feeling of camaraderie and the sound of laughter as we gather for our meals cooking and sharing nourishment for the body and soul.  During the evenings the fire pit invites anyone who wishes to sit quietly or in conversation under the starry skies sipping a traditional Ecuadorian drink.

An Evening at Bella Italia in Puerto Lopez

An Evening at Bella Italia in Puerto Lopez

Pink flower bamboo.jpeg


Reflect. Relax. Renew. 


Reflect. Relax. Renew. 

Conscious Living is about making intentional choices to support your wellbeing, your health and your happiness to bring more joy and meaning to your life.

You’re here to SELFISHLY indulge in your relaxation and renewal.  Your retreat includes a choice of one personal session with one of your hosts. You may add more sessions onsite.

Enjoy an Andean Energy Healing session

Experience a profound shift in your energy, a lightness of being as Bolivar Luna, psychologist, co-founder of Oasis and Andean Wisdom Keeper conducts an energetic healing session that allows you to release negative energy and leaves you feeling renewed and peaceful.

Experience Andean Watsu

Watsu is a form of aquatic bodywork where the practitioner gently cradles the individual in chest deep water. It promotes a deep state of relaxation. Watsu has profound effects on the neuromuscular system. 

Bolivar Luna, co-founder of Oasis in Ecuador, has adapted the traditional Watsu incorporating his Andean traditions and energetic healing that produces a trance-like state where profound healing can take place. This is more than a physical practice; it is truly a spiritual practice for the giver and the receiver.

Ayurvedic Assessment

Ayurveda is the science of health and longevity.  It is the sister science to yoga which looks at the health of the physical body, energetic body, mental body, emotional body, and spiritual body.  In this session Sue Schmitt, yogi and Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist will examine your current state of wellness. She will assess imbalances in your well being and provide recommendations on creating better balance in your physical, mental, and emotional well being.

do-TERRA Aroma touch Session

In this session you will enjoy a doTERRA Essential Oils Aroma touch session where Sue will apply these essential oils to your body (back, hands, feet only).  The application is done with specific protocols to move through and affect the various layers of your being (emotional, mental, physical). This is not a massage but an application of oils directly to the skin.  At the end of the session you will leave feeling rejuvenated and calm.

Yoga & Fitness Consultation

Are you curious about breath-work (pranayama) and how it can enhance your practice or wellbeing?  Do you have physical concerns about yoga and your body?  Do you want to master a certain pose or practice? Are you interested in learning a meditation?  Bring your questions and Sue will show you how you can deepen your practice together.

Conscious Living | Conscious Leadership

When was the last time someone listened deeply to you in such a way that you felt witnessed, heard and appreciated? In this customized session, Alicia Rodriguez, Founder of Oasis and master coach will hold the space for your inquiry, whether it is a personal or a professional inquiry, so that you can resolve any challenge you are facing with grace and ease. You will leave this session feeling confident, empowered and with practical ways to maintain your results at home. Issues ranging from leadership, relationships and career to legacy and purpose find resolution and new insights that translate to greater awareness and conscious actions at home.

Woman dancing beach sunrise.jpg


We Are A Creative Force


We Are A Creative Force

As women we are a creative force, generating life whether through children, businesses or in our communities. To understand our wholeness, we must embrace our life giving force and also understand the shadow side which can cause suffering and pain. We can release the energy that has been held captive in order to generate more vitality, inspiration and action in the world.

It is time for women to recognize their wholeness so that they can indeed be a creative force in the world.

First you must begin with yourself. 

Come to Ecuador, be nurtured, open your heart and mind to new possibilities for your life and work.  

This retreat is designed for women who are on a path whether it is to grow personally, to empower other women in business or to be change agents in their communities or the world. 

The Chakana

The Chakana

Tap into your essential nature so that you can create from a place of inspiration and your true nature.  Using the Four Elements as a guide we have designed our week to take advantage of the deep spirituality of Ecuador. 


During your time with us you will have quiet time to rest. Through meditation, breath work and yoga, you will be guided into connecting with your essential nature. Ayurvedic practices and the gifts of doTerra Essential Oils will ground your process of renewal. Organic food and local specialties will delight your palate and provide nourishment.


Through group and intimate conversations you will engage a deeper inquiry into the source of your joy, inspiration and creativity.  You will learn how to listen and trust your inner wise voice to live more consciously and authentically.


Surrounded by the ocean with its healing qualities you will experience a sense of oneness with the natural world as you explore the ocean, the beaches and experience the deep relaxation of a Watsu treatment,


Courage comes from the heart. Get to know the courageous woman you are.  Sit at the fire with us as in ancient times telling stories from the heart, sharing laughter and friendship that deepens with each day that passes.

Let Ecuador into your heart.

Become an explorer as you hike Isla de La Plata or tour the forests and ancient ruins of Machallila Park. Snorkel Los Frailes Beach or visit Montañita, our nearby hippy town full of surfers, restaurants and shopping. Visit the Salango Cultural Museum or hike through Pacoche to the howls of the monkeys. Of course, there will be excursions, shopping and laughter.  You will leave with new perspectives and new friends.  

Everything is designed to support you on your personal journey.

There's Even more!

You’ll find lovely little gifts in your room to remind you of your time at our retreat. And it doesn’t end when you leave. You will be invited to join our private Conscious Living Facebook Group. Here, you can continue the conversation on Conscious Living, sharing your new insights, victories and discoveries as you re-enter your life at home.  Here you find a community that will support and encourage you, having shared the experience in Ecuador.


As a special gift to help you continue the wellness practices of Conscious Living, you will also receive two half-hour one-on-one Skype sessions after you return home — one with Alicia and one with Sue.



At a Glance


At a Glance

Ecuador is a lovely, and unpredictable, place.  If you’re seeking a rigid schedule, if you need to know exactly what we will be doing every day, if you are uncomfortable with last minute changes and going with the flow, this is not the experience for you.

Part of the emergent process of our journey is to be present to what is in the moment. 

Although we hold an intention, there will inevitably be changes.  Here is what we intend as we enter this week with anticipation for the emergent nature of growth that happens when synchronicity appears.

We will be happy to help you with suggestions on local activities during your free time. Here is your chance to explore a new culture, to indulge in the freedom to just be, and to experience an authentic Ecuadorian lifestyle. Whether its taking a short bus ride to Montañita or flagging down a cab headed to Puerto Lopez or walking the trail to Los Frailes Beach, you’ll discover that the world holds wonders if you are open to reaching out for them. 

This is all part of your growth and learning about yourself.


Travel Day: Our group arrives in the morning, ready to drink in the warmth and sunshine of the coastal region. You will be greeted by smiles when Sue and I approach you at the airport in Manta.  Our transfer will take you to Oasis via La Ruta del Sol, a coastal highway that runs along the ocean offering your first taste of the ocean views that await you at Oasis.  We may decide to stop at one of the fishermen’s shacks for fresh pineapple if the whim strikes us.  A refreshing juice drink awaits you at Oasis as you check into your casita and meet your fellow travelers by the pool.

Isla de la Plata - Nazca

Isla de la Plata - Nazca

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

After early morning yoga, we will head into Puerto Lopez for an authentic fisherman’s breakfast before you board the boat that will take you on an island adventure. Isla de la Plata is known for its similarity to the Galapagos with many of the same species, iguanas, Blue Footed Boobies, Nazca, tortoises and sea life.  You’ll hike the island, snorkel in the blue, clear waters and fill up your camera with memories. You’ll return tired but thrilled at having experienced Darwin’s world. A quiet dinner at Oasis and an early bedtime prepares you for a new day.

Friday, March 17, 2017

You may decide on yoga at the beach or perhaps today you’ll sleep in. After breakfast we will meet for our final session. We will be joined today at lunch by a local chef demonstrating some Ecuadorian cooking techniques that we all savor. This afternoon is your chance to take advantage of individual sessions with your hosts and relax contemplating the change in your heart, mind and body. We will hold our Closing Circle at the beach at sunset where we will share our experiences and insights, gifting one another with a small token from the week. Our last dinner will be at Oasis, a community gathering with laughter and anticipation of your trip home.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

You’re up early joining Sue for your morning yoga practice at the Oasis open-air studio. Ocean views and the songs of our feathered friends enhance your practice. Walk to the pool area to enjoy your freshly made breakfast. There is no hurry. After breakfast return to your yoga mat for our opening circle and your first group session.

Take advantage of this afternoon to explore our area or just relax at Oasis.  Walk to our local beach and catch some rays.  If you'd like to experience local cuisine off property we recommend a visit to El Delfin Mágico for lunch then walk to the nearby Salango Cultural Museum to learn about the spiritual and cultural ancestry of our region. Meditation and yoga prepare you for an Ecuadorian dinner at Oasis that nourishes and delights.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Today is a day for you to explore, or rest, to your heart’s delight. Yoga before breakfast energizes you for today’s explorations.  Healing sessions might be combined with snoozing in your hammock. You may decide that a ride to nearby Montañita to visit the surf scene and lie on the colorful beach soaking up the vibe is more to your liking. Maybe a kayaking trip to Salango Island or another visit to Puerto Lopez will inspire you?  If you’re interested in a beach day you can visit one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Playa Los Frailes, with its crystal waters and white sand. Tonight after dinner, you’ll be treated to a talk by the fire on the Andean cosmology and the ancestral wisdom traditions that are the foundation of Ecuadorian spirituality.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

For those of you leaving Oasis, you will be rising at dawn and having a quick breakfast in your casita. You’ll be taken to Manta airport for your morning flight to Quito.  Some of you may decide to stay at Oasis or upon arriving in Quito take a tour or continue your adventure in other places in Ecuador. Depending on your flights you will fly home today or the next day having enjoyed a week of rest, renewal and exploration and taking home with you a new understanding of how you can incorporate Conscious Living at home.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Start your day with a short walk to the nearby beach and experience yoga by the sea. Your breakfast awaits you upon your return. After our morning session and a leisurely lunch you will have free time to take advantage of your individual sessions with your hosts, rest and reflect on the balcony of your casita or to explore the local area. Evening finds us having an authentic Italian dinner at the famed Bella Italia Restaurant in Puerto Lopez and finishing the day by the fire pit.

Bella Italia Restaurant, Puerto Lopez


Thursday, March 16, 2017

After yoga and a hearty breakfast we will get together for another session together to learn about Ayurveda and essential oils and which practices will keep you healthy and happy on your return home.  Lunch will be served at Oasis.  The afternoon is yours to explore. We recommend a visit to Aguas Blancas and Machillila Park, a small indigenous community to experience traditional Manabí life. You will be escorted through the museum where guides will explain the significance of the artifacts followed by a hike to their sacred site then to their healing pool. Hummingbirds will keep you company as you soak in a sulfur pool after coating yourself with the special mud there. This mud leaves your skin as soft as a baby’s behind for weeks. The evening finds us relaxing under the starry sky with a traditional Ecuadorian meal and a night-cap by the fire pit.


Enjoy an extra day at Oasis where you will work with Alicia and Sue on your specific challenges and goals for Conscious Living.  This will take place Saturday afternoon.

Your room for Saturday night and Saturday meals at Oasis and activities are also included. 


“A nomad I will remain for life, in love with distant and uncharted places.” ~ Isabelle Eberhardt

Hammocks color.JPG





Here's What's Included

  • Deluxe, double-occupancy accommodations in your fully equipped ocean-view casita for seven nights (two beds per room)
  • All meals at Oasis Hosteria and Retreat Center
  • Each casita will be stocked with water, fresh fruit, coffee and teas
  • One private one on one session with one of your hosts (advance booking)
  • Isla de la Plata full day adventure with box lunch
  • Round trip transfers from Manta airport (only Manta Airport) to Oasis
  • Sunrise Yoga and Evening Meditation and Yoga Daily
  • Special dinner at the famed Bella Italia Restaurant
  • Authentic Ecuadorian fisherman’s breakfast in Puerto Lopez
  • Three Conscious Living Group Sessions
  • Ayurveda and doTerra Essential Oils Class
  • A week full of soulful conversations under starry skies at the fire pit
  • Daily meditation
  • Special guest Chef and Ecuadorian Cooking Class
  • Transportation for our group activities


  • Fully stocked kitchens with fresh fruit daily and balcony views of the Pacific Ocean
  • Special little surprises
  • A private Conscious Living Facebook Community Page
  • Two half-hour one-on-one Skype sessions after you return home — one with Alicia and one with Sue
  • Kindle version of Alicia's Book: Manage Your Life Before Life Manages You: More Joy and Less Stress in 365 Days.

What’s Not Included

  • Your round-trip international airfare from home
  • Your round-trip national airfare from Quito to Manta to Quito (or Guayaquil)
  • Overnight stays in Quito Friday night before and Saturday night after the retreat (due to flight schedules)
  • Transportation from Quito Airport to Quito Hotel (Read more here about how to make your travel arrangements.)
  • Additional personal sessions with your hosts (may be booked on site)
  • Any activities or tours on your own during your free time
  • Additional meals not listed here
  • Other non-included items such as souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, laundry and any tips
  • Personal, medical or travel insurance (travel insurance is strongly recommended)

Your Investment:




For less than the average vacation your registration fee includes everything during the retreat and in our itinerary. No need to worry about paying more unless you want to buy yourself some souvenirs or be adventuresome and visit other Ecuadorian places of interest. 

Registration Fee: $2,900.00


Donation to the Oasis Social Entrepreneurship Program

Children we sponsor.

Children we sponsor.

Part of the mission of Oasis is to provide local economic support by generating jobs that shift families out of extreme poverty. Social entrepreneurship is the attempt to draw upon business techniques to find solutions to social problems.  Through our Oasis project we offer employment, we teach English classes and train local people to work in the tourism industry. We will have a community garden and eventually bring medical services for those who are unable to pay for their health care. 

If you would like to help our community thrive and shift out of poverty, please donate to our Oasis Community Fund.  We suggest a $50.00 donation.



Blue cairn flower.jpeg


Join Alicia and Sue on an Ecuadorian Adventure!


Join Alicia and Sue on an Ecuadorian Adventure!

Alicia M. Rodriguez, Entrepreneur, Author and Conscious Living/Leadership Guide | EM: alicia@aliciamrodriguez.com

Alicia M. Rodriguez, Entrepreneur, Author and Conscious Living/Leadership Guide | EM: alicia@aliciamrodriguez.com

Hello, I’m Alicia Rodriguez, Founder of Oasis In Ecuador Hostería and Retreat Center.

In 2012 after two years of separation and a divorce, and lots of time to be with myself reflecting on my life, a friend and his wife invited me to visit them in his country, Ecuador. Little did I know that taking this flight would change my life.

That trip introduced me to my present life partner and a culture that resonated with my own Latina heritage. I began to immerse myself in the ways of my partner, an Andean wisdom keeper, and to learn from his family, from the land and from the people.

Bringing people to Ecuador gives me great pleasure as I share this wonderful place with you. It has challenged me and the lessons I have learned about being fierce and courageous are lessons I pass on to my clients and guests. Together with my partner we built Oasis In Ecuador, sharing our lives, wisdom and friendship as we support others on their journey.

Now I live a location independent life-style between my home in Ecuador and the United States.

 I'm a writer, successful entrepreneur, transformational teacher, leadership advisor and Conscious Living and Leadership guide.

I believe that women have the right and responsibility to fulfill their potential whether it's through their leadership, the management of their business, the way the raise their children, how they contribute to their communities or how they choose to develop themselves. 

 My mission is to support women in reaching their potential so that they can fulfill whatever it is they are called to do. 

 My work includes writing books, blog posts and articles on line and in print. I work individually and in groups with women who want to consciously and courageously design a life that inspires them and serves them financially, emotionally and holistically.

To develop my capabilities as a wise mentor and advisor I have coached leaders for twenty years and have actively studied spiritual teachings, psychological frameworks, cognitive sciences and ancestral wisdom traditions.  

My work is based on applied spirituality where I interpret abstract spiritual concepts into very practical ways of Conscious Living to create a prosperous and fulfilling life.

"The path of the spiritual warrior is a path of surrender, not struggle against.  It’s a path of acceptance, not will. It’s a path of love, not war.  When the warrior in me surrenders to the fact that anything I fight is a projection I discover the peace that comes from a feeling of love, compassion and unity. There is no slaying of dragons and heroic episodes but only to recognize that if there is a dragon, I am the dragon and the whole story is an illusion I created." 

Sue Schmitt, Owner of Shakti Studio in Annapolis and Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist certified, future Ayurvedic Health Counselor and Educator of Essential Oils | EM: susha.schmitt@gmail.com

Sue Schmitt, Owner of Shakti Studio in Annapolis and Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist certified, future Ayurvedic Health Counselor and Educator of Essential Oils | EM: susha.schmitt@gmail.com

Hello, I'm Sue Schmitt...

I love bringing like-minded people together to share and enjoy the continued journey of life and conscious living.

This is how Shakti Studio came to be a reality. I consider myself to be an Integrated Health/Fitness Professional. My primary influences are Rod Stryker of Para Yoga, my primary yoga teacher and Kathryn Templeton of the Himalayan Institute and Dr Rosy Mann of Kripalu, my primary Ayurvedic teachers.

Before Shakti, I ran a successful in-home personal training business and served as adjunct faculty at Anne Arundel Community College Women’s Institute for 10 years teaching a variety of health & fitness classes to enhance the lives of women.

I still run Shakti Studio even as I currently live in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I’m enjoying being with my family and living an inspired lifestyle where gardening and being with the earth, hiking and rock climbing keep me grounded and joyful.

"I am always moving toward the art of “being” in the world with authenticity and compassion."  

Bolivar Napoleon Luna Paredes, Andean Wisdom Keeper, Rainforest Steward and Facilitator for Spiritual Transformation

Bolivar Napoleon Luna Paredes, Andean Wisdom Keeper, Rainforest Steward and Facilitator for Spiritual Transformation

Bolivar Napoleon Luna Paredes is Ecuadorian and co-founder of Oasis in Ecuador Hostería and Retreat Center.

He is a trained psychologist and an Andean Wisdom Keeper in the Quitu Cara tradition. He is a sixth generation steward and wisdom keeper of the Cochasquí Pyramids near Quito.

Bolivar works with individuals as a facilitator of transformation and spiritual development. He uses dialogue, ancestral wisdom and energy to assist his clients in developing their spiritual nature. Bolivar is also the steward for his protected ecological rainforest in Puerto Quito, Ecuador where his clients come to reconnect to their spiritual nature through the pristine, natural environment there.

"We walk the path of truth everyday...We should not fear our true nature. Universal Energy will always be superior and kind to us if we accept that we are more!"


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What you need to know to travel


What you need to know to travel


For the best rates book your flights early as flight availability is limited.

Please plan to arrive in Manta on Saturday March 11 in the morning so we can provide your transportation to Oasis.

You may need to arrive in Quito on Friday March 10 and connect to Manta on Saturday March 11.

As of this writing there are no direct flights to Manta. Most flights will arrive in Quito’s Mariscal Sucre Airport where you may need to overnight in Quito on Friday night and take an early morning flight to Manta on Saturday March 11. To fly from Quito to Manta we recommend our guests use Avianca Airlines. Saturday’s flight to Manta departs at 7:15am arriving Manta at 8:05am.  (Subject to change).  We will pick you and the others up in Manta upon arrival.  We are only able to pick you up in Manta but can arrange for your transportation for an additional fee from Guayaquil if you arrive or depart from there.

Friday Night in Quito

Wyndham Hotel Quito Airport

Wyndham Hotel Quito Airport

We recommend you stay at Quito’s airport hotel The Wyndham Hotel on Friday night March 10 to make it easy to take the Saturday morning flight to Manta.  There is a shuttle service from the hotel that can pick you up when you arrive and return you to the terminal the next morning.  You can contact Saskya Novoa our travel partner in Ecuador for assistance with these reservations or you can make those arrangements with the hotel directly when you book the hotel. Be sure to confirm your reservations and shuttle the day before.

Departure Saturday March 18

On Saturday March 18 you will take the Avianca flight out of Manta at 8:45am arriving in Quito at 9:35am.  This means you will need to leave Oasis at 5:00am.  We will provide transportation to and from Manta Airport as part of your package.

You may want to stay in Quito to tour Quito for the day and take an evening flight home or fly home the next day.  A tour can be arranged through the Wyndham Hotel.  Or you may want to stay longer and travel through Ecuador. We can make recommendations on must-see cities and areas.

You will pay for your hotel stay in Quito and your airfare between Quito and Manta and any tours directly.  This is not included in the retreat package.  We would be happy to recommend other places to visit or stay, just let us know.

for help with personal reservations

If you need assistance making your reservations in Quito or for any pre or post tours please contact Saskya Novoa, of Inspira Travel Ecuador, our travel partner in Ecuador. She can assist you with hotel and national air reservations and will meet you at the airport in Quito and provide transportation to and from your Quito hotel. Saskya has worked with our groups and speaks fluent English.


Please make sure to check that you have a current passport (valid for at least six months after travel date); you will need this to get into the country and to get back home!  American citizens do not need a special visa to travel to Ecuador. If you are traveling from another country please check for visa requirements. 

Ecuador uses US currency but it is rare that vendors take credit cards so cash is necessary. You can withdraw cash with your bank card but we recommend you bring small bills ($20 and lesser denominations) and change. No one takes Travelers Checks so don’t bring those. Check out our FAQ's for more information.

Once you register we will email you with everything you need to know about packing and local customs.

ExtenDING at Oasis

Please let us know if you would like to extend your stay either before or after the retreat.  We are happy to have you and will make separate arrangements with you for this based on space availability.



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How can we help?


How can we help?

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" ~ Mary Oliver

Alicia M. Rodriguez, Conscious Living | Conscious Leadership, Author, Mentor and Founder of Oasis and Sophia Rising Women's Retreats

Alicia M. Rodriguez, Conscious Living | Conscious Leadership, Author, Mentor and Founder of Oasis and Sophia Rising Women's Retreats

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